Tuesday, May 28, 2013

More Clinic Photos!

Riah and I learning to communicate better

Wylene Wilson-Davis and the lay down

On the river bank

Rain or Shine

Today, Cece was ground driven outside of the pasture for the first time. She is really getting the hang of this! She is nice and light; responds to the slightest pressure on the bridle. We are working on stopping straight as she likes to face me when she "whoas." This is something that I always encourage when lunging her, so she just needs to adjust to a different exercise.
Brea experienced the western saddle, complete with girth tightened! She was excellent for tacking up. I then turned her loose while I drove Cece around. This gave her the opportunity to feel it while in free motion. The saddle didn't phase her at all, but she was missing her sister, so she did trot and play around in it a bit. This was perfect as it allowed her to see that no matter what she did, the saddle wasn't going anywhere! After I was done with Cece, I loosened Brea's girth and removed the saddle without a halter or lead rope. She was just happy to have the attention. A very laidback and easy
mare to get along with!
Check out Riah's full sister, nicknamed "Drizzle" for her cute facial marking. This picture of her is far better than the one that I posted last week! I love how well balanced and typey she is! And such legs!
Marcha and 2013 filly, nicknamed "Drizzle"

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Clinic with Riah!

Riah- Day 1 officially under saddle!

The lay down

Wylene and Riah, Day 2

More to come- Riah and I had a very busy weekend attending the Wylene Wilson-Davis Clinic at Rose Hill Ranch in Naples, NY!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Driving Cece

Driving lesson

Brea sunbathing
Today was Cece's first time being ground driven. She took to it right away! All the more career options- I hadn't even thought of combined driving, but she definitely has the athleticism for it! This week we have also been loading in and out of the trailer and she had her front feet trimmed. My husband was so impressed; she didn't pull away once during the trim! She isn't a huge fan of being hosed down, but I know that I can convince her. After all, it is WAY more dignified than throwing herself down in mud puddles!

Sat. Field Trip

Both Shari and Edmund's first haul out trail ride!!! We went to Howling's Island. Edmund was such a gentleman and Shari was a natural trail rider. Come to think of it, this was Belle's first haul out ride too!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Farm workdays and general handling skills

The last couple of days have been busy to say the least! We have several outdoors projects going on-some horse related, others not! Cece has been improving all the way around. She is so much better about me handling her feet and face. She is relaxed and enjoying her people time more and more each day. She is usually the first to greet me at the gate and is loving the fact that I am finally working all the mare besides newbie Brea onto grass!

Yesterday my husband spent some time with Brea. This picture was taken shortly before she attempted to crawl into his lap! She has been good about her front feet being handled and thinks that large inflatable balls are great fun! She is interested in the "going ons" around her and is proving to be quite laidback about a great many things.
I had a friend and her (5!) kids come for a visit. Between our combined total of 7 children running around yelling and playing, both girls were exposed to a fun albeit crazy atmosphere which they took in stride. Cece acted like all the commotion was old hat. Brea was a bit concerned when the infant began to cry, but thought that the older kids were just fascinating. She still thinks that the only non-Haflinger, on the property, Belle, is a strange one. Apparently she thinks that horses should only come in one color-gold!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Brea's first day, Cece's 4th ride

Cece was by far the best that she has ever been about being tacked up. She ground tied and stood still while I groomed her, picked up her feet (multiple times!) and threw her saddle on. She only lifted her head once when I went to put her bridle on and then relaxed and lowered her head into it. I also made progress on lifting her back feet. The first half of our ride was uneventful. Brea was all riled up because we were riding in the paddock adjacent hers and she is still settling into our routines. She called and cantered back and forth along the fence. Cece was a little excited, but was pretty good about obeying my cues. Halfway through the ride she did pull some silly baby stuff with me. By the end of the ride she was walking quietly, but I will continue to repeat lessons until she will obey and trust me even with distractions.
Brea impressed me greatly with her eager to please attitude and sweetness. I think that she will prove to be an easygoing horse to work with. This morning we spent some time getting to know each other through a grooming session. She let me rub down her whole body and lower legs and picked up her front feet as if she had been doing it for years. We practiced yielding her hind and forequarters. Excellent! I even grabbed a saddle pad and placed it on her back several times. She didn't even blink!